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Kōkua Creative Group

Kokua Creative Group was founded by Nancy Hamlet when an unexpected opportunity to relocate to Ponte Vedra, Florida arose.  Having spent her entire career on the corporate side, Nancy decided the time was perfect to start a company aimed at helping small to medium-sized companies with marketing and communications needs.  

Naming the company came naturally. Nancy grew up in Hawaii and kōkua is the Hawaiian word for help or support. Whether it’s a small project or complete outsourcing of the marketing or communication function, Kokua Creative Group helps companies to improve marketing operations and increase revenue.


The team at Kokua Creative Group is inspired every day.  Contact us to discuss how we might work together.  We look forward to hearing from you.

About Nancy Hamlet

I love the art of storytelling.  You might even say that I was pre-destined for my career.  I grew up as the daughter of a newspaper copy editor.  My childhood was spent in Hawaii playing outdoors away from the TV. In a family of six, the dinner table was always lively, especially in a family that always made room for additional guests.


As a result of this upbringing, I learned at a young age how to get my voice heard above the commotion:  find the opportunity, make it interesting, get to the point and communicate clearly and plainly. 


These days, I pull from my personal and professional experiences to help companies earn their own share of voice in an increasingly competitive marketplace.


Whether it's an internal memo, press release, website, booth design, piece of sales collateral or an RFP response, I love to create simple copy that connects with the audience. I use my creative team to pair compelling copy with extraordinary design.  


Although I have significant expertise in the health care and insurance sector, I now work with a diverse set of clients.​ I like the challenge of learning new industries and offering an outside viewpoint.  After all, good writing and design is universally needed.


Let me know how we can help!

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Nancy Hamlet

If a story is told well, people will listen.  What's your story?

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Career highlights:

Founder, Kokua Creative Group

Head of Global Marketing & Communications, Crawford & Company

Senior Vice President, Marketing & Communications, Optum


Senior Vice President, Marketing & Communications, Healthcare Solutions


Director of Marketing & Communications, Affiliated Computer Services

Business Analyst/Internal Consultant, Alcoa

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