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Introducing Kokua Creative Group

I'm so glad you found this site. And even more delighted that you're reading the first blog for Kokua Creative Group. Chances are you're here because you know me (thanks friends) and not because you found me organically online through my incredible SEO-optimized site. Lest I lose my marketing street cred (as I do need your word of mouth and digital referrals), let me defend myself.

This site launched an hour ago. We haven't started marketing yet and the blog itself is newer than this morning's dawn. Not to mention social channels and email campaigns have yet to be established. So there's no cross-posting, no links to my website from other sites, no digital or no (perhaps old fashioned...we'll debate that one later) direct mail campaigns. There's so much to do!

All of this, dear reader, will come over time and this blog will be used to share adventures in marketing a startup company, thoughts on current marcomm trends, insights gained (we'll happily share my mistakes along with successes) and we'll also highlight some cool work we're already producing for clients.

But today is simply about celebrating. Kokua Creative Group has officially launched. Scary, yes! Exciting, absolutely!

Happy Launch Day to Kokua Creative Group!

I'm blessed beyond measure to have acquired clients before my doors were officially open. But every good marketer knows that you can't rely on yesterday's wins. You have to put prospects in the funnel and cultivate the leads for future growth. Perhaps one day I'll need a CRM, but for now my first step is to establish my brand, find my niche and perform well for my clients.

What can you do? Why, thank you for asking! How kind.

If you will help me get the word out about Kokua Creative Group, that would be incredible. As I launch my LinkedIn and Twitter presence, your likes and shares will go a long way. If you've worked with me before and want to endorse or recommend my work, that would be great. And if you will refer my services to your friends and colleagues in need of marketing and communications help, you'll be an all-star. To make it easy on you, I'll share my elevator pitch with you in the coming days as I work through it.

But as I said before, today is about celebrating. Thanks for visiting and for following Kokua Creative Group!.

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